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PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui
PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui
3 Types of First Aid Kits for the Office

3 Types of First Aid Kits for the Office

Working from home or working from work there are at least 3 types of first aid kits for the office you should have on hand.  

First Aid Kit | 1 - 5 Person 

This is the perfect first aid kit for a freelancer, sole trader, "one-man-band" or for those with small office teams because it has all those first aid essentials close at hand.  Have a paper cut? Grab an antiseptic wipe and plaster.  From dressings to scissors it's there for you or anyone else who might be paying you a visit. 

First Aid Kit | 1 - 12 Person and First Aid Kit | 1- 25 Person are kits for larger teams and come in either a soft pack which is great to carry to any incident or a wall mountable plastic box that keeps all that first aid protected and handy.  Attach to the lunchroom wall and grab one for the main office while you're at it. 

What Else Should You Have? | First Aid Kit Essentials 

In our new normal, hand sanitiser is a must! For the ultimate in hand hygiene ensure there is one at reception or any entry point as well as areas around the office work place.  

Give the team their own 50ml hand sanitiser so when they're out and about they can easily use keeping those germs at bay. 

Disinfectant Spray and Disinfectant Wipes 

It's a good habit for the whole team to get into in the office and either use a disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipes on their desks and other hard surfaces to maximise hygiene.  Spray and disinfectant wipes are handy to wipe down phones, keyboards, staplers, hole punches and more to remove germs and bacteria.  Just think of all those shared office areas like doors and light switches that should be wiped down on a regular basis too. 


Key points to remember;

  • keep not only first aid essentials on hand for you and the team but also for visitors to your workplace too
  • hygiene is king. We all need to be doing our bit to keep our workplaces bacteria and germ free
  • if you're feeling sick stay home! It's not worth spreading around any bugs and the whole office getting a nasty cold or flu 

If you need help deciding what first aid kit to get or other hygiene products give us a call on 0800 509 809.  We will know what works best for you. 

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