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PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui

Summer Time - Bring On The Silly Season!

We all have our moments of stupidity (some more than others we might add) but as we start to unwind, relax, kick back and at times over indulge we sometimes do some silly things. To keep you nice and safe over the summer break and also to help you be prepared for the “just in case” moments here is our list of the 3 Stupidest Things People Do Over Summer so you can prepare and get your first aid essentials well stocked. 

  1. Throwing fuel on to a BBQ

We’ve seen some stupid things in our life but none more so when someone throws fuel literally onto the fire.  This is so dangerous and is never, ever a good idea! Burns can occur even when you’re being super safety conscious so make sure you have some burn treatments handy to soothe and help repair wounds from burns.  Fire extinguishers aren’t just handy for work; they’re a great idea to have at home too.

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Grab and Go First Aid Kit

Burn Treatments

Small fire extinguisher 

  1. Sunstroke - Not A Master Stroke

Yes, yes we know most people are pretty up with the play when it comes to protecting themselves from the sun but not all.  Make sure you and yours are fully stocked with sunscreen, sun hats, sunglasses or safety glasses with UV protection whether at work or at play. Remember, as an employer it is your responsibility to ensure your crew have all the right sun protection gear.


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Grab and Go Kit


Reef Aftersun Gel

Sun hats

Safety Glasses

3. DIY - More Like D.I Why?

Did you know that each year ACC claims around people doing DIY runs into the thousands?  Little jobs might be fine but working at heights, around electricity, using tools that you’re not familiar is risky so take extra care.  If you don’t know what you’re doing - it’s probably best to call in the professionals even if you have to wait little bit longer. Better than spending summer injured.

Recommended products:

Grab and Go Kits




At Total First Aid we have a range of first aid kits for work and home, beach, bach and boat as well as all your first aid essentials.  This summer be prepared, plan ahead so if and when those accidents happen you’ll have everything you need.

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