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PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui
PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui

Controlco Premium Spill Kit | Oil Only | 50L

$400.62 + GST
$460.71 incl. GST

Water covers about 71% of our planet. This kit is designed to make sure that at least 50 litres of oils, fuels and solvents won’t be getting anywhere near it. While the hydrophobic (water repelling) kit selectively soaks up hydrocarbons, it leaves water behind.

Ideal for carrying on boats and in vehicles, it’s social responsibility in one durable, easy to access, high-vis package. Clean-up is professional (we were almost going to say slick…). Right down to the hazard tape that’ll keep the area clear till the mess is cleaned-up - preventing slips, falls, or the contaminant being spread by people walking through it. (Don’t you hate when that happens?)



  • For oils, fuels, and solvents – not water
  • High grade absorbents
  • Drum Plug stops leaks at the source
  • PPE for responder protection includes safety goggles
  • With Hazard Tape for spill area management


  • 1 x Spill Kit Carry Case - Yellow
  • 1 x Spill Response Booklet
  • 30 x Sorbent Pads - Oil Only - Heavy Weight
  • 2 x Sorbent Socks - Oil Only - 1.2m
  • 1 x Sorbent Sock - Oil Only - 3.6m
  • 1 x pair Safety Gloves - (Nitrile Protective)
  • 1 x pair Safety Goggles – Premium
  • 1 x Hazard Tape - 75mm x 100m
  • 1 x Drum Plug - 250g
  • 1 x Face Mask with P2 Valve
  • 2 x Hazardous Waste Bags
  • 1 x Laminated Instruction Card


  • Absorbs up to 50L per kit
  • Weight: 7kgs
  • Dimensions: 300 x 740 x 300mm (h,w,d)