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PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui
PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui

Emergency Safety Shower with Foot and Hand Operated Eye Wash

$3,837.72 + GST
$4,413.38 incl. GST

This free-standing foot and hand operated safety shower, with an eye wash, quickly and safely flushes contaminants and irritants from the body, and eyes.

An essential piece of kit for organisations and industries where dangerous goods are used, stored or transited through - it should be located within 10 seconds’ walk of potential contamination.

Designed for emergencies that threaten the health and well-being of people on site, it’s built Australian-tough and we can’t recommend it enough. Safety tip: we recommend a minimum of 15 minutes in the safety shower.

Assembly required.

Replacement Valve: 18-1014

12-month warranty.



  • Eye wash features Vertech™ Technology where dedicated eyewash and independently angled face wash streams deliver optimum coverage
  • Easy to operate
  • Free-standing
  • Self-draining design reduces Legionella risk, particularly in tepid water applications
  • Complies with the requirements of ANSI Z358.1 and AS4775


  • 316 Stainless steel pipe work
  • 316 Stainless steel 200mm (8") shower head assembly
  • High-visibility yellow powder coated push handle and foot pedal
  • Push and foot activated eye wash with integral auto-open dust covers
  • When activated, water will continuously flow through
  • Weight: 12.7kgs
  • Dimensions: 2,320mm (height from base to top of shower)