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PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui
How to Apply a Trauma Bandage

How to Apply a Trauma Bandage

If one of your team suffers from a deep wound or cut resulting in severe blood loss, a trauma bandage should be used in your quick-response to apply pressure and stop bleeding when a tourniquet shouldn’t or isn’t needed such as for head wounds.

It’s important not only that you keep them stocked in your trauma first aid kit but that your first aiders know how to apply a trauma bandage during these stressful circumstances so that they can be as effective as possible.

  1. If necessary, first pack the wound. 
  2. Remove both the outer and inner packaging from the trauma bandage.
  3. Unroll the bandage without touching the sterile pad and place the pad onto the wound with the pressure applicator directly over the wound. 
  4. Wrap the trauma bandage once around the wound making sure it’s tight and thread it through the pressure applicator. 
  5. Then, reverse the direction that you are wrapping the bandage until the pressure applicator collapses over to the side, this will now be applying pressure to the wound. 
  6. Continue to wrap the bandage in the same direction and if you need to apply more pressure you can twist the bandage as it goes over the wound. 
  7. At the end of your bandage you’ll find a closing bar that connects to the layers of elastic bandage and holds it in place without the need for tape or safety pins.

For further information and visual step by step guide on applying a trauma bandage please refer to this video.  Please note this is not the brand we carry and is for information purposes only. 

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