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PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui
What To Look For In A Work Glove

What To Look For In A Work Glove

Work gloves don’t necessarily come in all different shapes but they certainly come in a lot of variations because their job is to offer the ultimate hand protection for a variety of industries and job tasks to help reduce hand injury and infection.

Here are a few gloves that come highly recommended for a variety of reasons; both the modern polyamide gloves that are a bit more technologically advanced to the more traditional leather type Rigger gloves.

Red Ram - Polyamide Gloves - Comfortable and Great Price Point

The Red Ram glove comes highly recommended for the manufacturing and engineering industry but can also be worn for general handling, construction, warehousing and distribution, factory, assembly/fabrication, timber handling and horticulture.

Made of red polyamide this glove has a latex sandy finished palm coating as well as foam latex coating technology that creates a soft but durable finish on the palm surface.  This multi-layered coating offers maximum protection from oil, grease and repels water providing a firm wet or dry grip.

This popular glove is “comfortable and offers better fit and feel” for quality hand protection.

“The Rigger” -  Leather Glove - Tried and Tested To Do A Good Job

Some workers like to wear the more traditional leather glove and The Rigger is certainly rugged enough to take on those jobs involved with rigging, engineering, machinery operation, timber handling/logging and cartage and freight.  

Lots of truckies like a good leather glove and for extra warmth you can easily wear a thermal glove underneath while out and about tying down loads or handling freight or you can choose a superior Rigger glove that comes with insulation and reflective orange hi-vis back that offers extra protection day and night.

Black Bull - High Durability Polyamide Gloves

The Black Bull Polyamide glove is a bit sturdier than the Red Ram but still offers super comfort and breathability.  Once again offers maximum grip wet or dry because of the multi-coated foam nitrile coating that is also abrasion resistant protecting hands from cuts and scrapes that can turn into nasty infections if not wearing proper hand protection.

The Black Bull is a superior glove of choice across applications such as general handling, construction, warehousing and distribution, yard work, assembly and fabrication, engineering, cartage and freight and roofing and scaffolding.  


The best work gloves are always the gloves that offer ultimate protection and comfort so the worker can get on with doing the job safely reducing the risk of injury and infection.

If you need help choosing the right glove for the right job contact us on or give us a call on 0800 509 809 or if you’d like us to quote on a glove type you already use please let us know and we’ll go out of way to offer you the best price.

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