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PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui
PH: 0800 509 809 or visit our showroom: 126 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui
The Importance of First Aid Kit Replenishment Providers

The Importance of First Aid Kit Replenishment Providers

To be WorkSafe compliant in New Zealand as a PCBU you must be able to provide your employees with first aid facilities, equipment and access to first aiders.

It’s not enough, however, just to get a first aid kit. It’s important to ensure it’s regularly  maintained, that it’s stocked appropriately based on the industry you work in and that the items are in date and not deteriorated in any way, if not you won’t be meeting WorkSafe’s legal requirements. 

And when you’re running a busy business it’s all too easy to forget to keep this first aid kit up to date. In the aftermath of an accident at work you’re more likely to be focussed on making sure your employee is receiving the right medical care rather than restocking the kit that was used. This however is where a first aid kit replenishment service such as Total Safety can benefit your company.


First aid essentials

Firstly, as experts in first aid, Total Safety can offer expert knowledge and advice when it comes to which items you actually need in your first aid kit, removing the guesswork and potentially the risk of not having the right first aid equipment when an accident does occur. 

In high-risk industries having the right first aid items is vital in determining the level of prehospital care and the severity of the injury. You can’t, for example, work around chemical substances and not have saline solution and an eye bath to rinse out your eyes in cases of chemical splashing.

Secondly Total Safety not only provides assistance with first aid kits but can help with workwear solutions so your team is adequately kitted out and PPE solutions covering everything from hand sanitiser and gloves through to Covid-19 signs and barrier bars.

And thirdly, Total Safety can maintain your first aid kit supplies, regularly reviewing  what is in your first aid kit, what needs to be restocked and what might need to be replaced to ensure it’s within its expiration date. They can set up regular calls so that you can reorder supplies or they can arrange to visit your site so that they can do the checks for you. The consultant who does the check also signs and dates the check sticker that is placed in your static first aid kits on site. 

By using a first aid kit  provider you’ll remain WorkSafe compliant and it’s another job off your to-do list, meaning you can just focus on running your business. 

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First Aid Kit replenishment

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